TD Power Systems Limited Buyback Details

The Company was incorporated as TD Power Systems Private Limited on April 16, 1999. On September 8th 2011, the company was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. TDPS is one of the leading manufacturers of AC Generators in the world with products in the output range of 1 MW to 200 MW for prime movers, such as steam turbines, gas turbines, hydro turbines, diesel engines, gas and wind turbines We also manufacture special application generators for Geo Thermal and Solar thermal applications. 

We focus on manufacturing custom-designed generators for our customers who are based all over the world. TDPS generators are designed to perform with the highest efficiency. Reliability is ensured by world class manufacturing processes and quality control.We have supplied 2500 generators working in 72 countries across the globe.

We have service partners in 19 countries covering all continents. TDPS has its own technology for generators up to 55 MW and is a licensee of Siemens AG for 2 Pole generators from 55 MW up to 200 MW. 
TD Power Systems Limited Buyback Details
Date of Board Meeting for Buyback Proposal 26-09-2018
Date of Buyback Approval 26-09-2018
Date Public Announcement of Buyback 26-09-2018
Buyback Type Open Market
Buyback Record Date -
Buyback Opening Date 10-10-2018
Buyback Closing Date 09-04-2019
Buyback Amount ₹ 30 Cr
Buyback Number of Share 11,71,875
Buyback Price ₹ 256
Face Value ₹ 10
Holding Time 3 Months
- -
TD Power Systems Limited Contact Details
TD Power Systems Limited
27, 28 and 29, KIADB Industrial Area
Dabaspet, Nelamangala Taluk
Bengaluru Rural District
Bengaluru – 562 111 India
Phone No. +91 80 229 95700 / 6633 7700
Mail id :
website :
Registrar of TD Power Systems Limited

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